Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The World of Red Bull

If there is one company that has single-handedly changed the world of action sports for the better, it is Red Bull.  Everybody who has anything to do with action sports should thank this energy drink giant because it is likely it has improved your favorite action sport in some way, shape, or form.  Even though many other energy drinks have stepped up and supported an array of action sports in recent years, none of them would have been here without Red Bull's creation of the energy drink in the first place.  Following, I will just touch the surface of some of the impacts that Red Bull has had in just one of the sports that I love.

In the sport of motocross (my favorite), Red Bull has had an integral part in so many aspects for so many years.  Whether it is through sponsoring individuals or teams, through sponsoring events, or even by devising their own events, they have certainly made motocross a better sport.  While I enjoy all of their sponsorships and involvements, I am especially impressed with their efforts in the Motocross des Nations.  This race is very special to many people because it brings with it a lot of emotion tallied with the healthy dose of patriotism as well.  There is certainly a different spirit at the MXdN than at any other race throughout the year and at a time when very few companies can open their wallets and keep such an iconic race running, Red Bull has saved the day for the last few years now.

Red Bull has definitely been a big part in helping to grow the sport of freestyle motocross with the Red Bull X-Fighters events.  The X-Fighter rounds have become some of the biggest FMX events of the year and draw big names and big crowds to all of their events.  Since Red Bull likes to put a twist on everything they do, many of these contests are held in not-so-traditional venues (like bull-fighting arenas or rodeo grounds) which makes it fun for the riders and the fans.  While the Dew Tour has pulled FMX contests from its lineup in the recent series, it is comforting to know that Red Bull has got the back of the sport of FMX.

 Travis Pastrana has been sponsored by Red Bull for a while now.  What an incredible relationship...Red Bull simply pays Travis to do the things he loves to do!  It sounds like there are very few clauses in this unique contract and they have given TP free reign to do whatever he wants (as long as he wears his Red Bull helmet!).  On top of all of the shenanigans that we witness every week on MTV's Nitro Circus, Travis has garnered the support of Red Bull for a special event for New Years where he plans to set a world record for distance jumping a rally car...that's not all...he is going to jump his rally car over some of the Pacific Ocean onto a big floating platform.  I will miss the kid when he kills himself, let's just hope for another year of life out of possibly the most talented crazy person alive!

The Red Bull Experiment events certainly are getting interesting and it has been thrilling to watch Robbie Maddison and Ronnie Renner set some amazing and incredibly dangerous records over the last couple years.  Most recently, Robbie's jump of the London Bridge was incredible and I hope that Red Bull and their athletes can continue innovating and pushing the envelope!  Rhys Millen and Kevin Robinson are some other non-MX athletes who have done some amazing things with Red Bull as well. 

While there are so many other areas in the world of action sports that have been affected by this incredible energy drink company, I tip my hat to them for making motocross and nearly every other action sport more exciting to watch and to experience.  I hope they continue to give back to the sports that keep them alive and vice-versa!

Thank you, Red Bull, for making "The World of Red Bull" a pretty awesome place to be!


  1. Nice tribute to Red Bull! I never realized how much they do to make MX and all the other crazy sports you love possible.

  2. thanks you totally just answerd my question on my paper on how red bull has changed the world :)

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