Monday, October 19, 2009

3 Newly Crowned BMX Champs

After the dust has settled on the Dew Tour in Orlando this past weekend, 5 athletes stand tall as the new champions.  Although I love watching skateboarding, I was only able to catch the BMX events of the Orlando stop and will cover what I saw.  Sorry time!

Ryan Nyquist:

This guy has gone through some trials recently, especially with the recent passing of his mother. For Nyquist, the dirt finals was a time for nail biting and tears at the same time as it was a very emotional round where he clinched the Dew Tour cup! Way to go Ryan, this guy has put more heart and soul into his riding than the rest and he has the champion's Cup to prove it. He sure made his mother proud and likely won over some more fans in the process. The icing on the cake was when he actually laid down a couple of very solid runs in the Park finals to edge out a field of hot competitors for the win of the Orlando round.

Garrett Reynolds:

For a guy who has come from the street side of BMX, he sure has done well for himself by clenching his first Dew Cup in BMX Park. It came down to the wire as he was down on the charts before his final round, but was able to pull off a good run that was full of trick from his massive stash but also full of close-calls that almost lost him the title! Mirra did his best to put himself in a place to take the cup by backflipping off a 15 foot ledge to a short quarter pipe that left everybody in the building (and on TV) with their jaws hanging. However, the Mirracle Boy's efforts were in vain becuase Reynolds only had to get 6th or above to take home the gold, which is what he did. Good job to the rookie park rider and hopefully we see a great season-long battle next year with some new faces and old ones, alike (Mirra!).

Jaime Bestwick:

5 in a Row. And this one was a perfect season. How can Bestwick best himself any more? Can it be done? Logic says no, but this godly halfpipe rider has found perfection and if you watch him ride, this cannot be denied. Awesome job to the rider from over the pond! Bestwick is proving that BMX riders can get better with age and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table next year. Tricking every wall with monstrosities so high out of the pipe like he does, its no wonder he keeps on bringing home the bacon. Cheers to JB...hopefully he can bring his A-Game next year, but I hope even more that his already stiff competition can step it up!


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